Sponsorship for the Global Expeditionary Logistics Symposium

We anticipate over 300+ attendees from the professional logistics community.  Join a community of logistics professionals at the GELS and participate in interactive and collaborative sessions, share experiences, and access the latest research to mitigate logistics risks and strategize for long-term success.

Our guests include distinguished logistics leaders and professionals from the military, private industry, academia, research and development labs, acquisition and technology professionals, and more.

Our sponsorship and exhibit hall provide opportunities in education, training, and marketing that equate to a generous return on investment that satisfies our attendees and sponsors year after year!

For a full sponsorship prospectus, including detailed description of opportunities, please click here.

To register for the 2024 Global Expeditionary Logistics Symposium, please follow this link: https://cnu.irisregistration.com/Site/2024log

Contact us for more information or any questions.
Greg Lewis, GELS Lead Coordinator, events@marinecorpslogistics.org
Nathan Busch, CAS Co-Director, CNU, nbusch@cnu.edu